Inpatient Information

Admission To The Hospital

Your physician, a member of the medical staff, schedules your admission to the hospital. Patients are requested to pre-admit as soon as possible after they know they are going to be admitted. Your physician should give you instructions based on your hospital need for inpatient or outpatient admission.

What To Bring

You will want to bring personal items such as pajamas, robe, slippers, and any toiletries you usually need. Bring a list of the medications and any over the counter items you take on a routine basis. Bring a copy of your Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney to be placed in your medical record. Bring all medical and insurance information such as your insurance card, claim forms, Medicare or Medicaid card. Bring glasses, hearing aids, and dentures, but please have a safe container to store them when not in use. Remember, MGRMC will not be responsible for lost personal items.

Do Not Bring

Do not bring valuable items such as watches, jewelry, or cash. MGRMC will not be responsible for these items.

For more information about what to expect during your stay, from Admissions through Discharge, please explore the pages listed on the menu to the left.