Mt Graham Regional Medical Center is located in the valley of the Gila River in Southeastern Arizona. This area is commonly referred to as the Gila Valley and is home to the municipalities of Safford, Thatcher, Pima and Ft. Thomas.

The Gila Valley boasts a rich history and beautiful locales for those seeking outdoor recreation. It is home to Mt. Graham which is the third highest peak in Arizona at 10,720 ft. Because of its incredibly steep rise in elevation from the Sonoran Desert floor, Mt Graham was the ideal location to house one of the world's largest binocular telescopes in the world. The Mt Graham International Observatory is a fascinating place to visit for those who enjoy deep science or just casual star gazing.

Mt Graham also is home to many camping, hiking and fishing opportunities. The mountain has over 10 separate National Forest Service camp grounds including one at Riggs Lake, located near the summit. The Gila Valley also has state parks that provide camping and fishing opportunities and many additional outdoor recreational areas are within a short driving distance.

The Gila Valley boasts many highly performing schools. Education is a top priority for valley residents and it is reflected in the performance of our educational institutions. Higher education is available to valley residents through Eastern Arizona College. EAC is the oldest community college west of the Mississippi River.

The Gila Valley's main sources of commerce are right in line with the 5 C's of Arizona (Copper, Climate, Cotton, Cattle and Citrus). While citrus is not easily found in the Gila Valley, copper mining has been a part of everyday life for over one hundred years. Today, Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold is the largest employer in both Graham and Greenlee County. Cotton farming and cattle ranching have also been mainstays of the valley for over a century. Finally, the year round climate of the Gila Valley is one of our pride and joys. Mild winters with highs typically in the 60s are quite an attraction for seasonal visitors.

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