The Physicians of Mt Graham Regional Medical Center

MGRMC is fortunate to have a collection of physicians that are highly trained and ready to provide the finest healthcare to the residents of the Gila Valley. Many of the providers that practice in our area are not employed by MGRMC. These providers have hospital privileges that allow them to continue servicing their patients when they have been admitted to our hospital. Other providers are employed by MGRMC and provide care to patients within our hospital only. Below, we have listed all of our local providers. First we have listed those who are employed by our hospital, followed by those who have their own practices but are also part of the MGRMC Medical Staff.

MGRMC Physicians

Jeffrey Beeley, M.D. - Emergency

Llaura Beach, M.D. - Hospital Based Internal Medicine Specialist

Michael Bornique, M.D. - Cardiology

Jason Branch, M.D. - Emergency

David Bryce, D.O. - Emergency

Shahid Habib, M.D. - Gastroenterology

Claytan Hargis, D.O. - Emergency

Bryant McNeill, M.D. - Hospital Based Internal Medicine Specialist

Edmund Mitchell, M.D. - Copper Mountain Clinic

John Torseth, M.D. - Emergency

Sandeep Yarlagadda, M.D. - Hospital Based Internal Medicine Specialist



Michael Bornique, M.D. 928-348-4150


Travis Hamblin, D.O. 928-424-7546


Family Practice Physicians

Gila Valley Clinic - 928-428-1377

Melinda Feely, M.D.

Gail Guerrero, M.D.

Richard Keith, M.D.

Susan J. Jones, M.D.

Catherine H. Romero, M.D.

Family Medical Center - 928-348-2151

Clinton D. Damron, D.O.

Matthew Sampson, M.D.

Joel G. Wright, M.D.

Living Health MD - 928-424-4505

Drew Christen, M.D.

Mt Graham Family Medicine - 928-428-3122

Trent Batty, M.D.

Brian J. Kartchner, M.D.

Brad N. Montierth, M.D.

Lynn E. Smith, M.D.



Shahid Habib, M.D. - 928-348-1600


General Surgery

Bart J. Carter, M.D., FACS - 928-348-4030


Internal Medicine

Alkeshkumar Patel, M.D.  - Internal Medicine - 928-348-3801



Douglas "Rex" Harrison, M.D., FACOG - 928-428-4444

*The physicians of The Gila Valley Clinic provide Family Practice certified Obstetric services.


Orthopedic Surgery

Rex D. Bryce, M.D. - 928-348-3703



Gila Valley Clinic - 928-428-1377

Richard Keith, M.D.



James Huish, DPM - 928-348-3700