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It Takes Us All to Protect Our Community

Mount Graham Regional Medical Center takes pride in being here for our community. During this pandemic, our staff has worked harder than ever to ensure those in our facilities are given the best quality of care we can offer. 

Graham and Greenlee Counties have seen a significant spike in COVID-19 cases during the last couple of weeks, a reality our staff have come face to face with. Over this past weekend, we doubled the number of patients we have battling COVID-19. 

Our role is to provide healthcare to our community! Today in partnership with the Graham County Health Department, we ask for your help to keep this virus at bay in our community. There are 3 simply things each one of you can do to help protect yourself and your loved ones

  1. Wash your hands- wash them often!
  2. Wear a mask whenever you are in public!
  3. Get Vaccinated!

It is not our desire to get in the middle of a political debate; it is our job to protect and help our community stay healthy. On Monday, August 16, 2021, out of all of the patients we had here at MGRMC, 42% were due to COVID-19. Our experience over the last year and a half tell us these spikes could begin to stress our hospital’s capacity in the coming days. 

MGRMC is prepared, we have enough equipment, tests, we have the staffing, and we are ready to handle the worst of the worst if we have to. However, we are asking each of you, our entire community, to come together to help keep everyone safe.