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Obstetrics Department- The Best Of MGRMC

Featured article in the Mount Graham Minute- January 2022!

2021 was a continued year of growth and trial for many in the medical field, and it was no different for MGRMC’s Obstetrics Department.

At MGRMC, we understand that bringing a new life into the world can bring every single emotion along with it. It can be thrilling, exciting, scary, or even nerve-wracking. Compassionate care for both mother and baby is our top priority to help make their experience in our doors as pleasant as possible, especially during these uncertain times.

“The staff in OB truly cares about every patient they encounter. They want each patient that comes in to feel as comfortable as possible. When going into labor or coming in for any other procedure, the unknown can be scary for expecting mothers and their families. Our staff works hard to provide comfort and support during this time,” said Tawny DeSpain, RN, BSN, C-EFM, and our Director of Maternity Services.

MGRMC is continually looking for ways to improve the experience expectant mothers and their babies have in our walls, which is why we added a new and separated exit for mothers and their families to leave from. This new exit has a breezeway to protect families from rain or wind while keeping the walk to a vehicle short.

Despite changes to our visitation policy, our OB staff continued to keep the health and comfort of each patient their top priority. “I had my daughter at the height of the pandemic, which was extremely scary. The nurses and staff made it an amazing experience! They were exceptionally supportive, extremely positive, and provided me and my baby with outstanding patient care, “said Taylen Jarvis, a first-time mother, and patient in MGRMC’s OB Department.

“Our staff wants to make sure that each family that comes in truly has the best experience possible. The staff has truly worked hard since the beginning of the pandemic to be flexible and adapt to changes made throughout the hospital. They want to ensure that despite the pandemic, mothers and their growing families can still have a positive and memorable experience,” said DeSpain. MGRMC strives to make every patient stay as comfortable as we possibly can, especially for our new mothers and their newest addition to their families.