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Our Faithful x-ray Machine of 19 years Retires!

Featured article in the Mount Graham Minute- October 2021!

After faithfully serving MGRMC for over 19 years, the x-ray machine inside the main hospital has retired.
It has been donated to Eastern Arizona College. It is expected to continue faithfully serving students
who attend their brand new medical radiography program. 

“The Radiologic Technology Program will train students to specialize to work in hospitals or imaging centers specializing in x-ray and computed tomography (CT) to create diagnostic images. This program will require an Associate’s Degree that has a separate admission process. The pre-requisite courses are similar to the Nursing Program. Students will work with patients closely; positioning them, communicating with and performing imaging procedures. Radiologic technologist also are an important part of the healthcare team.” – Carolyn McCormies,
Nursing Director, EAC.

In its place, our Imaging Department has received an upgraded X-ray machine, the Carestream Compass,
which will allow us to provide the highest quality of patient care to everyone in our community. This
particular unit is more patient-centered and will help us improve the overall patient experience. It helps
decrease the time a patient spends in front of the x-ray and limits the margin of error.

The Compass machine has state-of-the-art technology that allows us to take multiple x-ray images and
stitch them together as if it was one sizeable fluid image. This is particularly helpful for larger surface
areas, such as the spine. Mount Graham Regional Medical Center is only the second hospital in the
United States to receive this updated, fully automatic Compass x-ray machine.
It was installed on October 11th and saw its first official patient on October 17th, 2021. We are excited
to welcome this new piece of equipment to our campus and can’t wait to see its impact on the lives of
our patients and our community.