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Tell Us What Our Community Needs!

Featured article in the Mount Graham Minute- August 2022!

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MGRMC conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years to determine the health needs of our community. After MGRMC has received the results of the Health Needs Survey, we meet with community members to determine where to focus our attention in the following years. This year we are excited to partner with both the Graham and Greenlee County Health Departments to better understand and serve the health needs of all of you in our communities.

In partnership with both county health departments and local leaders, we put together an advisory committee that helped us develop our Community Health Needs Survey. This group of community stewards sat down to determine the importance of the survey questions with extensive thought and consideration for every single question.


This will allow us to make plans to better serve our neighbors, friends, and families. You can find the Community Health Needs Assessment in both English and Spanish on our website:

Better yet, those who participate in the survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of ten $50 Walmart gift cards. MGRMC prides itself on being the Regional Medical Center of choice, serving both Graham and Greenlee counties for almost 50 years; the heart of our organization is YOU, the people in our community.

Our CHNA Survey will be available until Sept. 17th; after the results are in, the Community Health Needs Advisory Committee will meet again to assess and discuss the data collected and make conclusions on our community’s health needs for the next three years.

This is our fourth cycle of our Community Health Needs Assessment, with our first survey conducted in 2013. In our last survey conducted in 2019, we found that our community’s most pressing needs included improved treatment and services associated with mental health and substance abuse, improved services for diabetes, enhanced opportunities for wellness, and additional specialty services available locally.

MGRMC has answered these concerns and has implemented these focuses into our strategic plan. Some of these concerns have been addressed by our hiring a registered dietician that does diabetes awareness classes for the community, adding a Nurse Practitioner that specializes in mental health to Copper Mountain clinic in September 2022, and continuing our community outreach through our annual health fair that provides free health screenings, as well as seeking specialty services that can be provided right here in the Gila Valley, and continuing to work with our local partners who specialize in these services.

Together with our findings from our Community Health Needs Survey and the plan we create to meet those needs in our strategic plan, we can continue to provide the highest quality of care for all those that call Graham and Greenlee counties their home. Take our survey so we can better understand our community and what MGRMC can do to continue to serve the community we love.