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Welcome to the MGRMC Family, Jim and Kip!

Featured article in the Mount Graham Minute- June 2022!

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Mount Graham Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce the addition of our two newest members to our Board of Directors, Jim Palmer, and Kip Kempton.

Have you ever wondered about the role that the Board of Directors plays in the governance of Mount Graham Regional Medical Center? What are the duties and responsibilities of our Board members?

We as a hospital pride ourselves on being a regional medical center, serving the people of both Graham and Greenlee counties, but we are also a community hospital. Mount Graham Regional Medical Center’s Board of Directors is comprised completely of upstanding members of our community that are invested in the health and well-being of their neighbors, families, and friends. They are passionate about our rural community and the people that live here.

They have various backgrounds of knowledge coming from the medical field, business, or government- coming together to bring experience, knowledge, and dedication to MGRMC.

Our Board’s roles are to set policy, make decisions, and oversee hospital performance for the benefit of our entire community. The Board of Directors’ purpose is to give direction to MGRMC and create paths and plans for MGRMC to continue to thrive for our community and community members.

The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to serve their community by way of our hospital. These responsibilities include obedience, care, and loyalty. Obedience in ensuring MGRMC sticks to our central purposes and missions, care in being knowledgeable of all available information before taking action with prudence, and loyalty in discharging duties unselfishly and refraining from discussing confidential board business with others.

Our Board’s responsibility is to envision the future of MGRMC- and then execute plans and paths to get there. They are responsible for the direction that MGRMC will head into. They assess the needs of our community members and then try to implement ways for MGRMC to be able to provide those services to our community.

Mount Graham Regional Medical Center has a mission, vision, and values that our Board is constantly trying to uphold. MGRMC’s mission, vision, and values are:


        We are caring people committed to improving community health.


        To be the Regional Medical Center of Choice Providing Quality and Compassionate Care.


        We value people, compassion, excellence.

Our Board of Directors is MGRMC’s segue to proving quality, compassionate care to our entire community. We are proud to have served our community for 49 years now, and with the leadership of our Board, we look forward to providing excellent care for Graham and Greenlee Counties for decades to come.